Cail2Cail: The God of nature and Harmony. His domain reaches across Temuair to the very grasses. Son of Glioca and Ceannlaidir’s veiled conception; his great heart holds the strength of mountains. His father Ceannlaidir has forbidden him to bear arms, in fear that his own son would best him in combat. Cail chose instead to walk the path of Harmony, and unarmed fighting in tune with nature.

Location of temple: Undine

Cail’s Allies:
Glioca: Cail’s mother, her love and compassion go hand and hand with Cail’s great love of creation and Nature.

Luathus: His Gnosis- Divine knowledge or wisdom helps to guide the hand of Cail, and others to seek harmony. All sciences of Aisling stemmed from the observation and imitation of nature by Aisling and Mundane kind.

Cail’s Enemies:
Sgrios: While Cail seeks that all things fallen help to create or sustain new lives, his desire for total decay and destruction lie far from the natural order or prospective of Cail, this focus is not within his path to harmony.

Fiosachd: He who is of swiftness and knows wealth. His focus on things artificial is not in tune with the path to harmony.

Cail’s Opposite:
Ceannlaidir: His father is honor and pride of a Warrior. His desire for combat and war place him on opposite ends of the Octagram. Cail is humility, and harmony.



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