ImagesGlioca is compassion and love. Her great heart holds no dark spaces or veils. She is daughter of Danaan, the sun. Her compassion and love knows no bounds, even for the evils of others. Glioca cares for all. The great empathy and love she is draws many Aislings to her worship.

Temple location: Mileth, seat of the new sparks.

Glioca’s Allies:
Deoch: With great love comes great passion, Deoch and Glioca both have the great passion and love of the Aisling. He continues to complete Danaan’s work with each new Aisling, and the divine inspiration can be the guide to great gestures of love and caring.

Cail: The lord of nature and harmony, his great heart and love for Temuair comes from his mother, Glioca, and also makes him Grandson of Danaan.

Glioca’s Enemies:
Gramail: Gramail’s order and law has no compassion, or love. It is without the most base emotions that Glioca is. He is indifferent, and ultimate neutrality, not caring as to Aislings who do not follow his set of order.

Ceannlaidir: His wars and conquest bring death and pain, both physical and emotional to Aislings. He has love for conquest and battle, not others as Glioca does. Glioca wishes love to bring together, not battle to tear apart.

Glioca’s Opposite:
Fiosachd: Glioca serves all, and loves all. Her acts are selfless. Fiosachd’s acts revolve around personal gains, such as the cultivation of wealth.



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