Golden Serpent

As you walk into the bar a strong aroma of various meats and ales fills the large room. The inside of the bar while still fairly clean, easily reveals its old age through the obviously worn wooden tables and chairs that crowd most of the building. The bar maiden Karla gives you a slight nod from behind the bar as you enter in. Looking around you notice only a few people in the bar each group in its own corner.

To your immediate left you see Jeb an old frail man who has his head nodded down towards the table; possibly sleeping, or dead?

Talk to Jeb

In the back corner to the left side of the bar is a man clothed in tattered green robes, sitting at a table with only one seat. He sits facing the wall trying his best to tune out the scenes around him as he mutters to himself.

In between a few tables is a tall beautiful woman adorned in a a long flowing red dress. Her long red hair bounces from side to side as she dances while singing songs of days long gone from this world.
Sit down and listen to Duana for a bit

Step Outside

Golden Serpent

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