JudgeThe god of law. His laws preside both over artifical (Aisling) and natural law. His laws act on swift justice. A lesser known deity, many politicians and enforcers of Loures pay tribute to Gramail, both Aisling and Mundane.

Temple Location: Loures

Gramail’s Allies:
Luathus: Gramail’s studying of natural and artificial puts him well in line with Luathas. Luathas is the guide of this knowledge, Gramail whom applies it to supreme laws of the lands by use of similar logic

Fiosachd: Fiosachd’s desire to continue wandering would be obstructed if not for the order of Gramail. His laws shield Fiosachd’s free spirit so he is allowed to wander and cultivate great wealth unabated.

Gramail’s Enemies:
Glioca: Gramail’s order has no place for the interruptions of compassion or love. It is without the most base emotions that Glioca is. He is indifferent, and the ultimate neutrality, not caring as to Aislings who do not follow his set of order.

Sgrios: While Gramail represents order and law, Sgrios is chaos and unrest. His thirst for the destruction of all and decay of souls makes him a keen enemy of the laws Gramail has set forth.

Gramail’s Opposite:
Deoch: Deoch’s spark and creativity are a chaotic factor. He created the Aisling spark, which creates more souls who can and do choose to find ways to surpass the laws of nature and Aisling. Gramail is set in stone, Deoch dances in fire.



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