LuathusThe god those who seek great knowledge. Touched by Danaan, he is the keeper of Gnosis, knowledge of the divine. It is he who seeks to learn and make observations from all things, and it is common most researchers and Aisling scientists pray to him when attempting great new discoveries.

Temple Location: Ruccesion

Luathas Allies:
Gramail: His study of natural and artificial puts him well in line with Luathas. Luathas is the guide of this knowledge, Gramail whom applies it to supreme laws of the lands by use the same studious nature and logic of Luathas.

Cail: His Gnosis- Divine knowledge or wisdom helps to guide the hand of Cail, and others to seek harmony. All sciences of Aisling stemmed from the observation and imitation of nature by Aisling and Mundane kind. The preservation of nature is important to them both.

Luathas Enemies:
Ceannlaidir: The god of great battles and conquest. His way of thinking holds no mental thought of avoiding or preventing battles. A search for intellectual balance has the potential to draw potential fighters and warriors of the path of a Grand battle, thus pitting knowledge, and brawn as enemies, to put it in the most base form.

Deoch: Luathas seeks the way of wisdom, but does not seek it with creativity and imagination that is the Aisling spark. His research lies in the actual plane, of hard factual information and research. This contrasts the rapture of Deoch. The different ways Deoch and Luathas seek knowledge make them enemies

Luathas Opposite:
Sgrios: Sgrios seeks to destroy the knowledge and life that Luathas lives to study.



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